Winners of the FALL art contest!

Y’all must really love FALL because we got lots of GOURD-geous entries this month! We AUTUMN do this prompt again 😂🍁🍂 Thanks to everyone who submitted!

Without further ado, congrats to Lenny Wen, who took 1st place with her cute forest creature getting a new ‘do for Fall!

Here’s Lee White, who judged the contest: “Lenny's cool little monster is so quirky and weird that I had to give it the nod this month. Such a wonderful color palette and the painting technique is solid. My only real crit is that I want to see more!”

1st place! Illustration by Lenny Wen.

1st place! Illustration by Lenny Wen.

2nd place was a two way tie between Susanne Herrmann and Braden Hallett. Sometimes it’s hard to pick just one!

Susanne made top honors with her adventure-seeking mice.

Per Lee: “Susanne's parachuting mice is adorable and so much fun to look at. Love the golden color palette. Very clean image. She makes it look easy!”

2nd place tie! Illustration by Susanne Herrmann.

2nd place tie! Illustration by Susanne Herrmann.

Braden is back this month for another win with his take on every kid’s favorite fall past-time.

“Braden's dive bomb into the leaves is a joy to look at as well. I saw this one developing on the forum and knew it was a strong one. Great animation style. Love the details like the glasses flying off!”

2nd place tie! Illustration by Braden Hallett.

2nd place tie! Illustration by Braden Hallett.

R Cartwright, who is a regular around here, took 3rd with his unnerving look at forest creatures claiming their turf.

“This one is awesome! Love the warm against cool palette and the animals are all cute and menacing at the same time. This would be absolutely terrifying if you came across this scene while delivering pumpkins!”

3rd place! Illustration by Richard Cartwright.

3rd place! Illustration by Richard Cartwright.

Lee also picked 7 more entries for honorable mention, check them out with his comments below! To see ALL the entries, check out the slideshow compiled by the awesome Chip Valecek 😄


“Beautiful palette and sweet image. Another animation inspired style which really seems to be working quite well.”

Brandt Woods

“HA! Love this!”

Cat On Paper

“I'm not totally sure what is happening here, but it's so cool! What is that monster behind the tree doing???!!!”

Oleksa Dreval

“This dreamy fall day makes me want to order a pumpkin spice latte with cinnamon shavings. But I'm too cheap, so I'll order a coffee and pretend.”

Joy Heyer

“What a cool style Joy is rockin'. Love the funky perspectives happening in this one.”


Laura Alderson

“Man, this image really hit me. What a cool concept. Gotta make the most of our time here while we still can! Why are you still reading this?? Go outside and enjoy your life!!!!”

Raymond Kaselau

“Let's face it, polar bears are just plain cool. But they are even cooler when juxtaposed against a scene we don't normally see them in. (Hint: that is how you make an interesting image). This sweet bear and a falling leaf make for a gorgeous painting. Nice work Raymond!”

Another contest for the books 😄Thanks again to everyone who took part! Excellent work everyone!

JUST FYI: For our October art contest, we will have a guest judge by the name of Jake Parker. Not sure who he is. Some guy who does some ink thing, we think 😉 Let's show him how Inktober is supposed to be done! More details TBA 😋