Update to the Mermay Art Contest!

Art by Tom Bancroft.

Art by Tom Bancroft.

Just to keep things interesting, we decided to up the ante for this month’s art contest!

Not only do we have Tom Bancroft, the founder of MerMay, on board as our special guest judge, but the 2 top winners of the contest will get $75 cash and the chance to illustrate an upcoming episode of our podcast!

Please note: anyone can enter the contest, but only subscribers can win (that is an extra benefit for our subscribers!)😀

In case you missed it, the prompt for this month’s art contest is MerMay, the monthlong art challenge that celebrates merfolk in all their underwater glory. Submit your best merm of the month by 5/31 for a chance to:

  • be judged by Tom Bancroft

  • win $75 cash money

  • illustrate an episode of our podcast, which is downloaded by thousands of people each week

To submit, be sure to read the rules for entering and post your final image in our community Forum, in this thread. You will need a (free) account to post your image. If you need help posting, email us!

Good luck everyone, may the best merm win!