Missed out on the last live critiques?

Art by Jake Crowe!

Art by Jake Crowe!

Uh oh! Did bad luck keep you from joining the live critiques from the Superstition art contest? It’s cool! Now you can watch it in the video subscription 😄

Every month, we do a live event we like to call Critique Arena, where we announce the winners of our monthly art contest, and critique selected entries. We started doing this because we think it can really help our members level up! Even if your illustration is not picked for a critique, you can still learn a lot from hearing “alternative takes” on how to approach an illustration.

During our last Critique Arena held on Sep 12, Lee and Jake picked their two faves, plus another 9 for teaching illustration principles (you can see all the entries here). They critiqued all the images live, and did draw overs too!

Check out what Lee and Jake have to say about the Superstition entries!