Video Curriculum

With over 80 videos in our collection as well as new interactive classes, we know it's difficult to figure out where you should start. So we put together this simple guide to help you figure that out.  Our curriculum is made to help you establish an order for which videos you should watch. Most of these classes are available in our monthly or annual subscription (the only exception being some of the live/interactive classes) so sign up now to start learning!

Click on any class below to find out more about it! : )

We will be adding to this as classes are developed so stay tuned for more!


Our 4 phase Foundation program should point you in the right direction. We start with the basics and gradually build in complexity and difficulty. We walk you step by step through everything and build your skill set in the right way. Click on any class to find out more!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

More Coming Soon!