With over 80 videos in our collection as well as new interactive classes, we know it's difficult to figure out where you should start. So we put together this simple guide to help you figure that out.  Our curriculum is made to help you establish an order for which videos you should watch. Most of these classes are available in our monthly or annual subscription (the only exception being some of the interactive classes) so sign up now to start learning!

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We will be adding to this as classes are developed so stay tuned for more!


Our 4 phase Foundation program should point you in the right direction. We start with the basics and gradually build in complexity and difficulty. We walk you step by step through everything and build your skill set in the right way. Click on any class to find out more!


How to Draw Everything

The rebooted version! Featuring more instruction, more exercises and more Skull Chaser! This is a comprehensive course on the elements, principles, techniques, and tools of drawing.

Drawing Fundamentals

Before you can get fancy, you need to master the basics. In this video, pro illustrator Dave Malan takes you back to the drawing board so you can strengthen your core skills.

Creative Composition

Good composition is essential to making good images. Pro illustrators Will Terry and Jake Parker go over all the components of good design.

Light and Shadow

Ever feel like your images are a little off somehow? Well, light and shadow are often the culprit. Pro illustrator Jake Parker shows you the fundamentals of applying shadow and light in your work.


Visualizing Drawing in Perspective

Have you already watched Mastering Perspective? Great, then you are in the right spot. In this course, pro illustrator Will Terry demos how to visualize perspective in your mind's eye, ('cause sometimes there's no reference for what you're drawing!).

Beginning Photoshop

Secretly scared of Photoshop? Well, no more excuses! This video is designed for those who have never even opened Photoshop before. Pro illustrator Will Terry guides you through all the basics of digital painting.

10 Step Digital Painting

Go from sketch to finished digital painting in 10 easy steps! Pro illustrator Will Terry shows you step-by-step how to build this awesome dragon image in Photoshop.


Creating Custom Brushes in Photoshop

Ever wonder how some artists manage to get such realistic textures in their digital work? Pro illustrator Lee White demonstrates how to create all sorts to custom brushes in Photoshop to get that natural, painterly look.

Mastering Perspective

Ugh, perspective. We know it's hard to get excited about it, but mastering this skill is absolutely essential to becoming a Jedi Master in illustration. Illustration pro Jake Parker will help you use the force to apply perspective in your work.

The Magic of Color

This class was designed to give you the major principles that you would learn in a color theory class. Learning to communicate with color is necessary and fundamental to becoming an effective visual storyteller.

Posing Characters - Children's Book Illustration

One skill every picture book artist needs is the ability to draw the same character from different angles in different poses, over and over again. Pro illustrator Jake Parker shows you the tricks to keeping your characters consistent.

Painting in Photoshop

Learn Photoshop painting secrets from not just one pro illustrator, but 5! Mind blown! See how Zac Retz, Brooke Boynton Hughes, Kevin Keele, Will Terry and Jake Parker create their signature style.


Painting Texture and Details

Finally - the class where you're encouraged to paint the details! In this class we explore a wide range of textures and break them down to help improve the level of finish you can achieve!

Stylizing Human Characters

How do you go from a reference photo to a stylized character ready for their debut? Learn how to design appealing and engaging characters with pro illustrator Jake Parker.

Visual Storytelling Techniques

Learn how to put the story in your visual storytelling. Pro illustrator Lee White shares techniques for coming up with good concepts that actually tell a story.

Creative Environment Design

Every awesome character needs an awesome world to live in! Pro illustrator Jake Parker shows you how to design appealing and believable environments of all kinds.