Live Workshop in Greenport, New York with Jake Parker

Become Better at Drawing in Just ONE DAY

I'm Jake Parker and I want to help you level up your drawing ability.

I'm not kidding, I can teach you how to draw like a professional, and you'll see a difference in your art in just one day.


Here's something to ask yourself:

"Why are some artists successful in getting work, and others can't seem to ever land a job?"


The most successful artists all have 3 things in common:

  • They understand how to network
  • They consistently finish projects and put them out into the world
  • They can draw ANYTHING

Of those three things drawing is the most important. Networking and finishing projects don't matter at all if you can't draw well. 

Having the ability to do a great drawing of whatever you think of drastically increases your appeal to potential clients and is key to growing a fan base.

When I worked for the Blue Sky Studios Art Department we reviewed hundreds of portfolios. You know which portfolios landed in the rejection pile first? The ones that didn't show the artist's raw drawing ability. Even if the artist was great at composition, color, and design, if they couldn't draw well we passed on them.

Whether you're painting, sculpting, crafting, designing, the one skill that all of those pursuits rely on is drawing.


3 things every artist must know in order to master drawing

In order to draw better, charge more for commissions, raise your rates for freelancing, or land that studio job you've always dreamed of you're going to have to master these 4 things:


I want to teach you how to all of this!

For 20 years I have been working as a professional artist in the animation, illustration, comic book, and children's book industries. What's incredible is that because I can draw well I can apply my abilities across multiple industries. I've developed a method for drawing that is fast, effective, and appealing. And I can show you how I do this in one day. 




Drawing Workshop 

Power day

A live workshop that can help you level up in your drawing ability in one day.

This is a one day live workshop that covers everything you need to know about leveling up as an artist

Here's what I'll be teaching:

Session 1: Gesture and Design

This is where it all starts. Your gesture drawing sets the tone for the entire piece. It shows movement, balance, and intention. If your gesture is off from the beginning it doesn't matter how well you end up rendering the piece, something will feel lifeless about it.

I'll teach you how to design a character, a place, and a thing. I'll guide you through an approach to gesture drawing that has worked for me for years. I'll show how to give your character weight and balance. How to place them in an environment, and holding an object.

But gesture isn't everything. Learning proper design principles is what separates a good drawing from a great drawing. This is where you get to add your personal flair and signature style to your drawing. I'll show how to use proportion, repetition, balance, and contrast to create something unique, compelling, and beautiful.

Session 2: Volume

Once you've nailed down your gesture and design, you need to define the volumes and structures that give your drawing weight, spacial context, and overall believability. Without a proper understanding of how to add volume and structure to your gesture, your drawing will end up looking flat.

In this session I'll teach you how to give your drawing structure and dimension. I'll show you how basic shapes can be combined to create complex designs. You'll learn to draw these shapes from different perspectives and viewing angles to give your work a 3D look.

Session 3: Rendering

This is the final execution of your artistic vision. Whether it's in color, black & white, or just line-work, you need to master the craft of finishing your drawing. An understanding of light and shadow, line quality, and values is essential in making a piece worthy of your portfolio.

In this session you'll learn different rendering techniques and how to practice them on your own. You'll learn how to apply these techniques to your sketches to make beautiful finished pieces.  


Here's how the day breaks down:

My workshops are 9 hours divided into 3 equal segments. It's a long, intensive day, but people walk away having made friends, leveled up in their art, and have a clear direction about what they need to do moving forward. The day breaks down like this:

Day breakdown

9AM Meet and Greet
9:30AM - 12:30PM: Session 1
1 Hour Lunch Break
2PM - 5PM: Session 2
2 Hour Dinner Break
7PM - 10PM Session 3

Session breakdown:

90 minutes of instruction
10 minute break
30 minute demo
10 minute break
40 minutes of student drawing time where I critique each students work and do draw-overs on them.

When and Where:

I'll be holding the workshop on Saturday, July 21st at the South Street Gallery in Greenport, Long Island.


18 South St, Greenport, NY 11944

Because I'm expecting that some people won't be able to attend in person I'm offering a live streaming option too. 

What's next for you?

I don't know what your goals are as an artist. 

Maybe art is just a hobby and you'd like to make great drawings for family and friends.

Or maybe you want to land a job in the entertainment industry and work on the next big animated feature.

Or maybe you want to become an independent artist working out of your home with flexible hours. 

I honestly don't care what you do after you become better at drawing. I just want to help you get better!

Does taking this workshop mean you'll be able to draw as good as me after one day? Of course not. It will still take a lot of practice to get to a professional level in your work. 

But right now you have two paths you could go down:


The Long Road: Continue doing what you've been doing and slowly piece together your own unique drawing process through a lot of trial and error.

The Shortcut: Adopt a proven framework that has helped others like you develop professional drawing skills.


What would being able to draw at a professional level mean for you? 

The choice is yours.

The Complete package includes


One seat at the Drawing Workshop Power Day in Greenport (limited to 20 seats)

(Located at the South Street Gallery, 18 South St, Greenport, NY 11944)

  • Attend the live workshop in person at the South Street Gallery in Greenport, Long Island
  • Meet other artists. (maybe even make friends?)
  • Learn directly in-person with Jake Parker. Includes draw-overs and critiques of your work.

The digital course bundle

Receive instant access to 6 streamable courses to get you up to speed before the live workshop starts. Over 15 hours of teaching! (Valued at $175) Bundle includes:



The Power Day Includes


One seat at the Drawing Workshop Power Day in Greenport (limited to 20 seats)

(Located at the South Street Gallery, 18 South St, Greenport, NY 11944)

  • Attend the live workshop in person at the South Street Gallery in Greenport, Long Island
  • Meet other artists. (maybe even make friends?)
  • Learn directly in-person with Jake Parker. Includes draw-overs and critiques of your work.



Meet your instructor


I illustrate picture books, I write and draw comics, and I teach people how to do those things at

Back in 2009 I started the popular art challenge Inktober.

For 12 years I worked for several different studios making animated films, commercials, and video games.

A full list of my professional work can be found here.

Common Questions

Is this workshop for a specific kind of artist?

The principles and skills I'll be teaching can be applied across a broad range of artistic disciplines. Whether you want to draw picture books for kids or concept art for films you'll be able to apply everything I teach to your craft.

I'm just starting out. Is this right for me?

Many students have told me they wish they had known this stuff when they were just starting to draw. This course is a foundation for your craft, and you'll be able to build skills on top of it no matter where your artistic endeavors take you.

What materials will I need?

This course will focus on drawing, so the main tools you'll need to bring with you is a sketchbook, or any cheap paper you like drawing on and your favorite pen or pencil. For a full list of my personal favorite drawing tools

What happens after I buy the course with bundle option?

You be given a link to make an account with where you'll be able to access the bundle.