Get your crosshatch on! New inking class with Bryan the Girl

Art by Bryan the Girl.

Art by Bryan the Girl.

Level up your Inktober with our new class on crosshatching!

It's taught by pro illustrator Bryan the Girl, who does amazing things with just a simple ink pen on paper. This is her first class with SVSLearn.

What is crosshatching? It’s a traditional technique used primarily in pen and ink drawing, where you add shading by inking parallel lines in a crisscross pattern. It started with printmaking in the Middle Ages, but is just as relevant today, especially with the resurgence of inking as an art form.

In this class, Bryan the Girl will share her method for crosshatching, which she does the old school way with ink pen on paper. That means no erasing!

Basically I’m reducing drawing to a single black line on white paper and then trying to work within that to create a whole world of depth and shadow and dimension and light, just with these simple tools. And I think that’s what makes it so exciting.
— Bryan The Girl

This class will cover:

  • How to create a tone chart/spectrum and how it applies to crosshatching

  • How to divide subject matter into different tone maps

  • What contour maps are and tricks for converting 3D shapes into 2D lines

  • How to use horizontal hatching to convey shadows

  • When and how to add a layer of vertical hatching

  • How to know when crosshatching drawing is nearing completion and how to finish it

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