Interactive Classes

We are very excited to offer interactive classes at SVS. You will work directly with instructors who are professional artists working in their chosen fields. Our courses are designed to move your progress along quickly so you see improvement sooner rather than later. We are building a robust curriculum in illustration and look forward to seeing you in class! 

Interactive classes are offered in January, May and September. Join our email list to find out about upcoming dates.


Drawing Heads And Hands

Heads and hands communicate so much about a character in any drawing, which makes them very challenging to draw. Learn how to master this essential skill with pro illustrator and teacher David Hohn. Class starts 5/14/19.


The Ideation Lab: Part 02 Interactive

A 5-week course designed to help you make commerical work personal, taught by Sterling Hundley. Class starts 5/3/19.

Book Cover Illustration by Jaime Zollars square.jpg

Creating Great Book Covers

Learn how to design and illustrate eye-catching book covers with pro illustrators Jaime Zollars and Lee White. Email to get on the wait list. Class starts 5/7/19.


Building Backgrounds with Brian Ajhar

This class will demonstrate how to draw characters within their environment to enhance your visual storytelling. Class starts 5/6/19.


How To Draw Everything

Featuring personal instruction from Jake on YOUR art. This is a comprehensive course on the elements, principles, techniques and tools of drawing.

Springtime by Lee White.jpg

Painting Secrets: Intro to Digital Painting in Photoshop

If you are new to digital painting, or have developed bad habits you want to break, this class is for you. Pro illustrator Lee White will teach you the fundamentals of digital painting.


The Ideation Lab: Part 01 Interactive

Learn how to generate unique ideas that communicate powerful messages in your illustrations.

Beginning Illustration Art Class.jpg

Turbocharge Your Creativity

You can't put lipstick on a pig! Learn how to generate memorable illustration concepts every time, with pro illustrators Lee White and David Hohn.

Painting Textures and Details cropped.jpg

Painting Texture and Details

This class is all about the details. Pro illustrator Will Terry shows you how to add finishing textures to take your illustrations to the next level. Email to get on the wait list.

Draw 50 Things.jpg

Draw 50 Things Interactive

One of the hardest things to draw is a scene with lots of STUFF. Pro illustrator Will Terry shows you how. Email to get on the wait list.