Live/Interactive Classes

We are very excited to offer live and interactive classes at SVS. You will work directly with instructors who have decades of illustration and teaching experience. Our curriculums and courses are designed to move your progress along quickly so you see improvement sooner rather than later. We are building a robust curriculum in illustration and look forward to seeing you in class! 

Illustration 1: Turbocharging your creativity

Instructors: Lee White & David Hohn

Cost: $450 for SVS members, $500 for non-members

Dates: July 11, 2017 - Sept 5, 2017

Everything you wanted to know about how to come up with good concepts in your illustrations!

This entry level course will walk you step by step through the process of coming up with good ideas for your images. Every image is built on the foundation of an idea. But clever, visually captivating ideas can be difficult to generate, especially on demand and on a deadline.

This course is designed to identify and cultivate the use of techniques specifically for idea generation. Students will build on each ideation technique in a clear and understandable way, eventually allowing you to mix and match techniques in a way that suits your artistic inclinations.

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Instructor: Lee White

Cost: $100-$650

Dates: TBD

Are you stuck on one particular image and need some help working it out? Do you want feedback on getting your entire portfolio looked at by a pro and help charting a path forward in your illustration career? We can help! 

With our Live Critiques, Lee will help you figure out what your next step should be. We offer three levels of help so you can pick the one that suites your needs the best. 

Tier 1: Single Image Critique $100

Lee will talk to you in a live online meeting about the image you are working on. He will help you figure out what might not be working and he will show you how to fix it. He will do draw overs on your work and show you how to take it to the next level. This is a good choice if you are submitting an image to a competition or doing a single image for a client that you aren't totally happy with yet. 

Tier 2: Up to 5 image Crit: $300

Lee will meet with you in an live online meeting and discuss a group of images. These images don't have to be related (but they can be). This tier might be good if you are working on a book project or if you need help getting your portfolio in shape. 

Tier 3: Full Portfolio and Career Package: $650

Lee will meet with you in multiple live online meetings and go over all your work. He will look at your website and overall branding and make recommendations to get your work looking cohesive and professional. He will discuss marketing strategies with you and go over your overall business plan. This package is good for someone who is entering the field of illustration or anyone needing to update their portfolio and business so they get more work.

Draw 50 things

Instructor: Will Terry

Cost: $81 for SVS members, $90 for non-members

Dates: Coming soon

Have you ever wanted to create a complex image but didn't know where to start? If you haven't you will probably be asked to create such images for books, magazines, adverts one day. One of the most difficult assignments is illustrating crowd scenes, interiors of bookstores, toy stores, party scenes, laboratories, and stadium shots filled with people, objects, vehicles, etc. Learning the tricks and process that other illustrators use to organize drawings like this is invaluable.

Will Terry has been teaching this assignment for his UVU classes in Utah for the past 6 years. He is launching this as an open challenge to anyone in the world! Can you draw 50 things in one illustration with one main focal point? Only you can answer this question!


Instructors: Poe Tan & Will Terry

Cost: $450 for SVS members, $500 for non-members

Dates: June 19, 2017 - Aug 7, 2017

Perspective is everything! If you ever struggle with images that come out kind of wonky, this is the class for you. Veteran visual developer Poe Tan will teach you how to nail that perspective every time. Only 15 seats available!

Everything you’ve ever wanted to learn about perspective drawing will be taught in this LIVE class. Students will learn all the fundamentals, including how to draw your characters and objects at the right scale to match your background. Poe teaches these principles starting from geo forms to help students understand these concepts.

Understanding perspective will help you create more convincing and accurate drawings even if your work is more stylized - learning these skills will help you become more powerful as an artist. This class will help you begin your drawings without always needing to consult reference. This is probably the class that you will look back on thinking “This is when I learned to draw.”

Yes, you could try to learn perspective drawing on your own, but sometimes it helps to have a structured learning environment and personal feedback on the work you do. ln the live component of this class, Poe will be joined by our very own Will Terry to help guide you through the basics of perspective drawing.