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Turbocharge Your Creativity, enrolling now!

Images by David Hohn.

Because good illustrations start with good ideas.....

Sometimes it's tempting to just gussy up the first idea that comes to mind, but coming up with captivating concepts is actually something you can LEARN. You can take your illustrations to the next level by learning the tried-and-true techniques the pros use to generate dynamic ideas on demand and under deadline. Taught by children's book illustrators Lee White and David Hohn.

This entry level course will walk you step-by-step through the process of developing good ideas for your images. Starting with the fundamentals, students will build on each ideation technique in a clear and understandable way, eventually allowing you to mix and match techniques in a way that suits your artistic inclinations.

This is a BEGINNER CLASS, all you need are basic drawing skills (either traditional or digital), a reliable internet connection and a bit of moxie!

The class starts July 11. You can take this class no matter what time zone you are in 😀 The classes will be downloaded at noon PST on Tuesdays to watch at your own convenience. You will then have one week to do the assignment and turn it in to Lee and David. They will give you INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK on every assignment. You will also have access to a lively forum where you can ask questions and meet fellow students.

This is an interactive class with individual instruction. The fee is $450 for subscribers and $500 for non-subscribers.

Are you ready to challenge yourself and take your creativity to the next level? Only one way to find out!


Images by David Hohn.