Winner of the FEARLESS art contest!

1st Place! Illustration by Eric Castleman.

1st Place! Illustration by Eric Castleman.

You guys! Some fantastic work came in this month for our FEARLESS art contest. We had all sorts of concepts and styles this time and it made for very difficult judging! That said, some rose to the top and couldn't be ignored. Let's dive in and see what made the cut:

Eric Castleman swept first place with his fun illustration of a baby who turns the tables on the old monster hiding under the bed trope 😀 Per Lee White, who judged the contest: "Eric has been making the top 3 a few times in quite a few competitions and now he finally emerges in the top spot. Eric really nailed this one with beautiful storytelling, lighting, composition, and perspective. Keep up the great work Eric!"

2nd place! Illustration by Amelia Bothe.

2nd place! Illustration by Amelia Bothe.

2nd place went to Amelia Bothe, for her gorgeous illustration of a mouse who is taking matters into his own paws. Here's Lee again: "Wow, this is stunning. Everything is working so well in this piece! I keep coming back to how the fur was handled and the gorgeous lighting. I want to see a LOT more from Amelia!"

3rd Place! Illustration by Pam Fraley.

3rd Place! Illustration by Pam Fraley.

Lee added a 3rd place this time, which went to Pam Fraley for her piece that exudes a quiet strength. Per Lee "What a cool image that Pam has made here! Traditional approach with collage and paint. Love the use of that red against all the desaturated colors!"

Lee also ended up picking 5 more entries as honorable mentions. Check 'em out (with Lee's comments) below!

Susi Schaefer

"...a really cool vintage inspired piece"

Kerilynn Wilson

"Beautiful piece that I would love to see animated!"

Pam Boutilier

"Sensitive image with a really nice mood and palette."

Eunji Jung

"...a lovely watercolor fantasy illustration."

Jason, JDRpictures

"...a terrifying wolverine illustration. Great work on that necklace and details."

Check out ALL the entries here (thanks for compiling this Chip!). And thanks to everyone for taking part! We love seeing what you all come up with 😀 Until next time!