Winners of the September art contest!

Wow! You guys really aced this illustration assignment! It was so awesome to see what you all came up with for the prompt: “Everyone was shocked to see her show up to school with___.”

The two winning entries were picked during Critique Arena, our new monthly event where we do critiques live. We did a new format this time, where the audience got to vote!

We started with the top 16 competitors, and did successive rounds of judging where the audience voted to get the final four. Then our judges picked the top 2 victors!

We’ll be adding the recording of the event to the video subscription next week, but in the meantime here are the top 16.🏆

These are the top 2 picks!

Winner! Art by   Ariel Landy  .

Winner! Art by Ariel Landy.

Winner! Art by Natalie Kranich.

Winner! Art by Natalie Kranich.

And here are all the runner ups!

A big thank you to all who entered the contest this month, you guys are an inspiration! Let us know what you thought of the new format, should we keep it?

Be sure to enter our October art contest for a chance to win a live art critique.🎨 The prompt is: “The experiment worked! Penny was so relieved to have her dog back from the dead.” Must be in ink, or look like ink. And must be black and white.☯︎

See you next time in the arena…the Critique Arena!