Follow your dreams. Become a children's book illustrator. Illustrate a graphic novel. Show your work in galleries. Subscribe to SVS and we will show you how. 

Our videos are custom made to show you how to get the skills necessary to break into the dynamic field of illustration. We have a wide range of subjects that fit any interest you may have in art. On top of our huge video library of art videos, we are now offering multi-week interactive classes where you get direct feedback from the instructor. In addition to our video content, we offer a forum where you can chat with other students and ask for help or just show off your stuff! 


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We know how it is being a student and an artist. Money is tight. Most of our instructors have taught at expensive universities and we always think those prices seem crazy. At SVS, we wanted to offer a low price and make learning accessible to everyone. You can see almost all our content for what the price of going to a single movie costs. Our entire video library can be accessed for a monthly subscription price of $24.99. We are also now offering new live/interactive classes for a fraction of what a college class typically costs. 


Learn from the best pros in the business.

We have hand picked some of the best artists in the industry to show you exactly how to make the best art you possibly can. Our artists have worked for Disney, Dreamworks, Bluesky Studios, Scholastic Publishing, Candlewick Publishing, Apple, and many others. 



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