When Did You Know You Would Make It?

Art by  Kerisa Greene

We all have to start somewhere! In this episode, Will, Jake and Lee share stories about when the idea of becoming a pro illustrator went from kinda crazy idea to real possibility. Plus, hear all about some of the “weird art jobs” they had when they were just starting out (spoiler alert: Will used to hand-letter the Judas Priest logo for metalheads in high school!).



Jake Parker: mrjakeparker.com. Instagram: @jakeparker, Youtube: JakeParker44

Will Terry: willterry.com. Instagram: @willterryart, Youtube: WillTerryArt

Lee White: leewhiteillustration.com. Instagram: @leewhiteillo 

Alex Sugg: alexsugg.com

Kerisa Greene: https://kerisaillustrates.com/. Instagram: @kerisaillustrates

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