Inktober 2017 is a wrap!

Image by the Inktober Team .

Image by the Inktober Team.

Here's a message from the Inktober Team:

"Whether you did 1 drawing or 31, high fives to everyone who participated. Over 3 MILLION posts this month! 😱 👏

SHARE YOUR INKTOBER STORY: we would love to hear what you learned or took to heart this year from Inktober. Let us know in the comments, or email us. I'm sure others would love to hear your story too.

So what now? We will still be highlighting our favorite Inktobers from this year as well as sharing other artists we love and who inspire us. Hopefully it fuels your creativity as well. Don't let the habits you formed this month fizzle away. Keep drawing and creating everyone!

Love, the Inktober Team."