New video on how to make those colors pop!

Image by Will Terry.

Image by Will Terry.

Hey y'all, we got a new class up on the website! It's all about how to make those colors pop 😀

Color choice can dramatically change the mood and tone of an illustration. Is it midnight? Or midmorning? Freezing cold? Sweltering hot? Real life? Dreamy? Cheerful? Creepy? Color can help you tell a story.

In this latest video, Will Terry shares his strategies for how to pick color schemes and light temperature in your illustrations. Also, learn how to use color to draw attention to particular focal points, and away from others.

This class is included in the SVSLearn video subscription, which is just $14.99 a month or $149.99 a year for all you can bingewatch! It's also available a la carte for $30 😉

Check it out here 😀

Happy streaming!