New video on branding for artists!

Image by Tannie Smith

Image by Tannie Smith

Hey gang! We have a new video available for your viewing pleasure! This one is all about how to brand yourself as a creative type, taught by the excellent Tannie Smith 😀 In this class, you will learn about:

1. What branding is and why it matters.
     a. Definition of Branding
     b. Why branding matters
     c. How to define what your brand is

2. How to remain authentic within your brand.
    a. Why you can't just "be yourself"
    b. You need a product
    c. Create what you love

3. Using your brand as a guide.
    a. Communication
    b. Promotional Materials
    c. Social Media


The class is covered under the monthly and yearly subscription. Not a subscriber yet? Well now is the time to sign up! It's just $14.99 a month for instant access to 70+ art tutorials! Or, purchase the class a la carte for $25.

Happy viewing!