Turbocharging Your Creativity, now enrolling!

Illustation by Kelly Lane.

Illustation by Kelly Lane.

What do you do when you are faced with a blank page and a deadline??

Learn how to think like an illustrator in our upcoming Turbocharging Your Creativity class, with pro illustrators David Hohn and Lee White. In this 10-week class, they will teach you tried and true strategies for coming up with unforgettable illustrations on demand.

This interactive class features individual instruction and personal feedback from David and Lee, with 4 homework assignments designed to help you produce concepts in a methodical way.

David and Lee first rolled out this class in early 2017, and have run it several times since then. They developed the class because so many illustration programs out there focus too much on technique, and not enough on how to think about creating images.

"We crafted this course as a set of ideation techniques, I really think of them as a set of ideation tools, that intentionally build on each other, starting with simple techniques, gradually adding layers of complexity that allow you to generate ideas that are truly unique to you and your artistic voice." -David Hohn

Here's some of the stellar work that came out of the class over the last year 😀 These were from an assignment to explore visual metaphor in the classic tale Hansel and Gretel.

The format of the class allows for a very flexible schedule - you can take the class pretty much anywhere in the world 😀

Here's how it works. Every week, David and Lee will upload a video lecture to our website. You can then stream the lectures and do the homework whenever you want, so long as you turn in the homework by the deadline for David and Lee to critique. Easy peasy! There will also be a class forum so you can meet your fellow students, and office hours for any questions that come up 😀


Level: beginner to advanced

Requirements: basic drawing skills and good internet

Class Size: 16

Cost: $450 for subscribers, $500 for non

Dates: 1/18/18 - 3/22/18