Commit to the details

Here's Will Terry on why the finishing details are important....

Learn how to add all the finishing touches to your work in our brand new interactive class with kidlit illustrator Will Terry! This 3-week course features individual instruction and personal feedback that will help bring your illustrations to life.

In this class, you will analyze dozens of textures to help you understand the underlying construction behind what you are trying to draw.

"Sometimes all our drawing needs is just a few more details to make it convincing." -Will Terry

This is an advanced painting class that can be done in either traditional or digital paint. The exercises in this class will help you become a better painter in edge control, light & shadow, form, and color predictions.

Here's how it works. Every week, Will will upload a video lecture to our website. You can then stream the lectures and do the homework whenever you want, so long as you turn in the homework by the deadline for Will to critique. There will also be a class forum so you can meet your fellow students, and office hours for any questions that come up 😀

Class starts 2/19. Enrollment is limited to 16. The cost is $200 for SVS subscribers, and $250 for non-subscribers.