New podcast about the artist life, coming soon!

Hi everyone! Just a heads up that we are gonna be rolling out a new podcast very soon!

It will be all about illustration - how to do it, how to make a living at it, and how to make an impact in the world with your art.

And it will be hosted by pro illustrators Jake Parker, Will Terry and Lee White, who are also the founders of SVS! Together, the three of them will share their experiences (and shenanigans!) as professional illustrators.

Sometimes we’ll agree, sometimes we’re gonna argue. But everytime, you are gonna learn something new.
— Lee White

Some upcoming topics:

  • how do you get discovered
  • how do you get an agent
  • what are the tools we use
  • why do you create
  • how do you balance work and life

It will be kind of like our previous 3rd Thursday webinars, but in podcast form. We're still working out the schedule, but we'll post that soon. And yes, it will be free!

Here's a little sample of what's to come 😀 Be sure to listen 'til the end to hear some outtakes!