Coming soon! In the studio with authorstrator Mark Pett

From the Lizard From The Park by Mark Pett.

From the Lizard From The Park by Mark Pett.

So just what is an “authorstrator” exactly?

It’s the word Mark Pett uses to describe what he does, which is write AND illustrate children’s books 😀

He’ll be talking all about how he got his start as an illustrator in our latest video, due out on 2/19. In this video, you’ll get an insider view on the life of a professional illustrator and learn valuable insights from his experience.

You’ll also hear his thoughts on simplicity in illustration and how to boil an idea down to its essentials.

“Our job is not to beautify, our job is to tell a story.” - Mark Pett

This will be Mark’s first video with SVS! You’ll be able to stream it with an active subscription, or own it for life for $20.

Coming soon!