May Art Contest: MerMay

Art by Tom Bancroft!

Art by Tom Bancroft!

It’s that time of year when mermaids start filling up our feeds, so let’s dive in! The prompt for this month’s art contest is MERMAY.

Aaand just to kick it up a notch, we have the founder of MerMay on deck as our special guest judge. Shell yeah!!

What is MerMay, you say? It’s a fun art challenge started by Tom Bancroft, where you draw a mermaid a day for the entire month of May, then post to your social media with the hashtags #MerMay and #MerMay2019. That’s 31 mermaids in 31 days! And like Inktober, you can follow along with the official prompt list, or make up your own.

For our May art contest, submit your BEST mermaid of the month, one entry per person! Anyone can submit, but only active subscribers can win. The top 3, and maybe even the honorable mentions, will get a video critique by our esteemed judges!

OK, let’s do this! Show us your mer-mazing art!


  • Draw something mer-mazing!

  • Post your final illustration on the SVS Forum, in the competition thread titled MAY CONTEST: MERMAY! Be sure to keep this thread for final images only. If you want feedback on a WIP (that’s short for Work In Progress), create a new thread. It gets too confusing if it's all shown in one thread. Note: You will need to be logged in as a user on the Forum in order to post. If you don’t already have a user account, it’s free to create one 😀

  • Keep the file size to no more than 500 kb.

  • Don’t forget to include your name AND Forum name ON THE IMAGE so we can give you credit! And if you want us to tag you, include your handle too. This saves us a lot of time in the end when we are trying to give credit. It also allows others to quickly see who did the work later if they grab your image for reference, etc.

  • Only submit if you are OK with us posting your image on our social media and website for the whole world to see 👀🌎 💕 Also, only submit if you are OK with receiving a critique from our judges, they might comment on your work! 🧐

  • Anyone can enter, but only active subscribers can win.

  • One entry per person only, please!

  • Entries must be posted by 5/31 at the stroke of midnight ⌛️


  • 1st Place: video crit by our esteemed judges, all the glory

  • 2nd Place: video crit by our esteemed judges

  • 3rd Place (if there is one): video crit by our esteemed judges

  • Honorable mentions: 💖social media love 💖