Thanks to all who took part in the #Slowvember art challenge!

Cat Nap. Illustration by Lee White.

Cat Nap. Illustration by Lee White.

Wow, where did the time go?? We just can't believe #Slowvember is already over!

Thanks to all who shared their work, it was really neat to see how all your projects transformed over the last month. We just loved seeing all the brainstorming, and reference photos, and thumbnail sketches out there. It's so inspiring to see the commitment to your craft!

We hope you got something worthwhile out of it, even if you didn't end up with a finished piece. #Slowvember was more about taking the time to really explore an idea. Some things just take time!

But if you did end up with a finished piece and would like to share it, there's a thread in the SVS Forum where you can post. We'd love to see what you did!

Since #Slowvember was more of an individual art challenge, there is no contest this time.

But, there will be an art contest for December. Hint: The theme takes place a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... Details to come!