Become the artist you want to be with our new interactive art classes!

Oh, the possibilities! Illustration by Lee White.

Oh, the possibilities! Illustration by Lee White.

Is this the year you take your art skills to the next level?

Well, we are super excited to announce four new interactive art classes designed to do just that! Our new interactive classes allow you to get world class instruction and personal feedback through the magic of the internet. All you need is a good internet connection and a little moxie!

Here's how it works. Every week, the instructors will upload a video lecture and homework assignment to our website. You then have a week to log into your account, watch the video and turn in the homework. This format allows for a very flexible schedule - you can stream the lectures and do the homework whenever you want, so long as you turn in the homework in time for the instructors to critique. Easy peasy! There will also be a classroom discussion board so you can meet your fellow students, and office hours for any questions that come up 😀

Here's the lineup for the first quarter:

Idea Development with Sterling Hundley 1.png

Idea Development: A Creative Amplifier For Thinking Louder

Learn to generate unique ideas that communicate powerful messages in your illustrations, with renowned illustrator Sterling Hundley. Class starts 1/15!

Book Cover Illustration by Jaime Zollars square.jpg

Creating Great Book Covers

Learn how to design and illustrate eye-catching book covers with pro illustrators Jaime Zollars and Lee White. Class starts 1/17!

Painting Textures and Details cropped.jpg

Painting Texture and Details

This class is all about the details. Pro illustrator Will Terry shows you how to add finishing textures to make your illustrations pop. Class starts 2/19!

Turbocharge Your Creativity

You can't put lipstick on a pig! Learn how to generate memorable illustration concepts every time, with pro illustrators Lee White and David Hohn. Class starts 1/18!