See ya in 2018!

Image by Jake Parker.

Image by Jake Parker.

Whew, it sure has been a crazy year!

We made a bunch of new art videos, rebuilt our whole website, rolled out several new interactive classes, started a new monthly art contest, moved to a new studio and held our first open house.

And best of all, we connected with all of you 😀 It’s been so cool to meet you guys, and see your work and watch your progress. We've learned a lot from you!

We just want to thank you all for joining in on the fun, and being a part of this grand experiment we call SVS. We couldn’t do this without you all, and we are truly humbled by your support.

We hope the new year brings you lots of joy and inspiration! And we hope you keep growing and evolving and moving forward in your journey as an artist. Happy New Year to you all!


Will, Jake, Lee and all of us at SVS

PS - Don’t forget your Star Wars character redesigns are due at the stroke of midnight tonight! (Though, tbh, we probably won’t notice if you get them in after hours 😂)