How To Draw Everything goes LIVE!


If you liked the video, you’ll love the live version!

It features all the same great content, but with personal feedback from the creator of the class, Jake Parker! He'll be doing weekly critiques and drawovers of YOUR work! Woohoo!

If your drawings are coming out wonky, he can help you figure out why. He’ll be able to give you personal feedback and specific instructions on how to improve your art skills.

The live version of this class kicks off Mon, Jan 21. Over the next 10 weeks, he’ll help you master the fundamentals of drawing, from simple under drawings to fully rendered images.


Instructor: Jake Parker

Level: beginner to intermediate

Requirements: a love of drawing and good internet

Class format: video lectures, homework assignments, personal feedback from the instructor

Class Size: 12 seats left

Start Date: 1/21/19

Duration: 10 amazing weeks

Cost: $450 for subscribers, $500 for nonsubscribers


Every week, video lectures and course materials will be uploaded to your student account. There will also be weekly homework assignments, so be prepared to work!

You can stream the lectures and do the homework on your own schedule, so long as you turn in the homework by the deadline for Jake to critique.

There will also be a class forum so you can meet your fellow students, and ask any questions that come up : )

This class is not just for beginners, it’s for anyone who wants a solid foundation in their drawing.