July Art Contest: Independent!

Image by Lee White .

Image by Lee White.

Ready for another art contest? Let's do this! The theme this time around is INDEPENDENT.

Per Lee White, who came up with this month's prompt, "This is broad enough that you have to bring your own interpretation to the topic. There isn't one direction we are looking for. It can be simple or broad and you can choose how it plays out. I LOVE prompts like this because I have to dig deep with what I think the term means. This encourages very divergent thinking and the images typically come out a little more creative for it. I hope you find it rewarding."

OK, here's the details!

NOTE: Please put your real name AND forum name ON THE IMAGE. This saves us a lot of time in the end when trying to give credit. It also allows others to quickly see who did the work later if they grab your image for reference, etc.

One more big change: KEEP THE MAIN CONTEST THREAD FOR FINAL IMAGES ONLY. Create another thread for work in progress pics, sketches, etc. It gets too confusing if it's all shown in one thread πŸ˜‰

-Post your final illustration thread titled JULY ILLUSTRATION CONTEST: INDEPENDENT (you'll need to login as a forum user to post)
-One entry per person
-File size no more than 1200 pixels on the longest side
-Don’t forget to include your name AND forum name ON THE IMAGE so we can give you credit!
-Only submit if you are OK with us posting your image on social media
-Post by July 31 at midnight PDT.

-1st place: free one month subscription
-2nd runner up: SVS t-shirt
-honorable mentions: the chance to bask in the limelight

Good luck!