Countdown to Jake's live drawing workshop!

This is where the workshop will be held!

This is where the workshop will be held!

Whew! We are busy getting ready for Jake's LIVE drawing workshop! It all happens on 6/23 😁

He's doing an intense, full day workshop at The Bright Building in Provo, Utah. We'll be live streaming the whole thing!

He will be giving over 9 hours of instruction on how to sketch out an idea, how to give your designs shape and volume, and how to do different rendering techniques. Get better at drawing in just one day!

There's still time to register!

DIGITAL BUNDLE: Live stream the workshop! Plus, get a recording of the event, and 6 of Jake's top video classes 😎 All for $150!

JUST THE WORKSHOP: Or, if you are an SVS subscriber and just want in on the live stream and recording of the event, get it now for $50! Sweet!


Instructor: Jake Parker

Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Requirements: Paper, pencil and good internet

Class Format: Live workshop, with live video stream

Cost: $50 for workshop only, $150 for digital bundle

Time: 9am to 10pm MDT (check here for times around the world)

Date: 6/23/18