It's here! New video with kidlit authorstrator Mark Pett

Art from “The Lizard From The Park” by Mark Pett.

Art from “The Lizard From The Park” by Mark Pett.

Writing and illustrating your own children’s books - it’s kind of the holy grail for all the kidlit lovers out there 😄

Find out how authorstrator Mark Pett worked his way into a career of writing and illustrating his own children’s books. Hint: he started out as a cartoonist!

In this video, you’ll get an insider view on the life of a professional author illustrator (or “authorstrator” for short) and learn valuable insights from his experience.

You’ll also hear his thoughts on simplicity in illustration and how to boil an idea down to its essentials.

“Our job is not to beautify, our job is to tell a story.” - Mark Pett

This is Mark’s first video with SVS! You’ll be able to stream it with an active subscription, or own it for life for $20.