How Will Terry plans to make six figures on his upcoming Kickstarter book!

If you are thinking about doing a Kickstarter to create your art book, this is pretty much required viewing!

Our very own Will Terry is getting ready launch a new Kickstarter project, and he is sharing all the new marketing strategies he is trying out this time around. His last art book raised $40K. This time his goal is to break $100K!

Strategy #1: He plans to keep his funding goal LOW to tip the algorithm in his favor. Kickstarter apparently rewards projects that fund quickly, especially on the first day, with a little boost in visibility. They also reward campaigns for bringing sales from outside of Kickstarter!

Strategy #2: He will be offering a sweet deal to incentivize enough people to buy in the first hour to front end load his sales. This can help get campaigns on the front page of Kickstarter!

Strategy #3: While he has already finished all the drawings for the book, he has held back on sharing them on social media so that he can share them and generate more buzz during the campaign.

Strategy #4: He plans to use a crowdfunding marketing agency, Funded Today, to help increase pledges through Facebook ads. He does say that this strategy can be somewhat of a gamble as they charge $3000 plus about 30% of the sales, but the idea is that they will help him generate more sales than he would on his own.

To hear more strategies on how he plans to maximize his earning potential, check out his video!πŸ’ΈπŸ’– And follow the progress on his Kickstarter campaign to see how these strategies pan out!

This is the first video in a series that Will will be doing on how to run a successful Kickstarter 😎 His new Kickstarter campaign, which will be the sequel to his book of Little characters, launches on 3/5/19 😎

Will’s new Kickstarter goes live on 3/5/19!

Will’s new Kickstarter goes live on 3/5/19!