Painting Color and Light 2.0 is here!

Art By Will Terry!

Art By Will Terry!

If you ever wondered how to get that ⭐️GLOW⭐️ in your illustrations, this class will show you how!

We rebooted our Painting Color and Light class to help you learn these fundamentals on your own time and at your own pace. The reboot has all the same great instruction, but with:

  • all new video footage

  • better organization

  • improved audio

  • shorter video segments, so you can find the info you need more easily

  • a new demo where the same illustration is created using 5 different lighting scenarios

It features 7 hours of instruction, practice images and homework assignments. Taught by Will Terry, with special guest Ty Carter and Jake Parker!

The new version is meant to replace the original, but we’ll keep the OG in the video subscription for those of you who like to rock it old school style.

You can stream it with an active subscription, or own it for life for $150 😎

Now is a great time to join the video subscription! You’ll get instant access to this class, plus the two prerequisites for this class, The Magic of Color and Light And Shadow. You'll be able to stream more than 80 classes for just $24.99 a month! 🔥🔥🔥