Lookin' for (social media) love??

Art by Anna Daviscourt.

Art by Anna Daviscourt.

We are suckers for mermaids around here!

If you are taking part in MerMay and posting your progress on Instagram, be sure to tag us! We are gonna repost our favorites 😍 We'll post a roundup right here on our blog too.

What is MerMay, you say? It’s a fun art challenge started by Tom Bancroft, where you draw a mermaid a day for the entire month of May, then post to your social media with the hashtags #MerMay and #MerMay2019. That’s 31 mermaids in 31 days! And like Inktober, you can follow along with the official prompt list, or make up your own.

When you post to Instagram, don’t forget to use either #svslearn or @svslearn 😁 We'll be on the l👀k out!

Happy MerMay!