Winners of the Mermay art contest!

You guys! What a mer-mazing bunch of entries for the Mermay art contestπŸ’–

We got 97 entries, our biggest turn out yet! Thanks to all who took partπŸ™

We decided to change things up a bit this time, and instead of our usual write-up of the winners, we did the big reveal live! Aaand, the founder of Mermay Tom Bancroft joined us to judge the entries!

Tom hand-picked the top 2 winners, along with 2 runner ups. And our very own Lee White picked another 7 as honorable mentions. Then they critiqued all 11!

We’ll be adding the recording of the event to our subscription next week, but in the meantime here are the winning entries!

TOP TWO: Cory Shaw and Pamela Fraley

RUNNERS UP: Darian Pereira and Nadya Bonten-Slenders

HONORABLE MENTIONS: Marek Halko, Lisa Griffin, Norman Morana, Lisa Rush, Laura Balmaceda, Braden Hallett and Corey Johnston

Thanks again to all who entered, sea you next time! June contest info coming soon!