Winners of the WHEN SUMMER VACAY GOES WRONG art contest

Something always goes wrong, right? But not with these winning entries!

The winners of our When Summer Vacay Goes Wrong art contest were revealed during our new monthly event, Critique Arena. Will Terry and Jake Parker changed up the format this time and critiqued 12 images with the goal of teaching illustration principles, and 2 images as their faves 💖

We’ll be adding the recording of the event to the video subscription next week, but in the meantime here are the two winning entries!

Winner! Art by  Gary Wilkinson .

Winner! Art by Gary Wilkinson.

Winner! Art by  Marek Halko .

Winner! Art by Marek Halko.

Will and Jake also picked another 12 images to critique, with the aim of teaching the fundamentals of good illustration. Check ‘em out below!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest! Hope all your summer vacations go RIGHT!


Fur sure! GIF from Giphy.