Winner of the Transportation Art Contest!

1st Place! Illustration by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall .

1st Place! Illustration by Marjorie Crosby-Fairall.

Wow, you guys dreamed up so many awesome ways to get around! There's giant slingshots, a flying bed, a bunch of skateboards, a carrot-shaped rocket and all kinds of very large animals 😀 Thanks to everyone who took part!

Marjorie Crosby-Fairall swept first place with her "Storm In A Teacup." So much drama here! How did the little fellas get there? Where are they going? Are they gonna make it??

Per Lee White, who judged the contest, "This piece had it all! Drama, excellent painting skills and composition. Lighting and color is wonderful too. Definitely a pro level showing for sure."

Second place went to Renske de Kinkelder with her fun illustration of a bear schlepping lots of stuff on a bike. Here's Lee again: "Beautiful illustration. Quirky and well painted. Nice clean presentation. I can see this doing well right now for a promo to publishing houses."

2nd Runner Up! Image by Renske de Kinkelder .

2nd Runner Up! Image by Renske de Kinkelder.

This time around Lee picked a 3rd place runner up too! Sara Glennon took third with her whimsical bunny illustration. Per Lee: "Very sweet and dreamy image. Love the limited palette and design is fantastic."

3rd Runner Up! Image by Sara Glennon .

3rd Runner Up! Image by Sara Glennon.

As always, it was hard to narrow down the entries, with so much good stuff to choose from! Lee ended up picking 10 more illustrations as honorable mentions. Check 'em out below!

To see ALL the entries for September, check out the slideshow compiled by the excellent Chip Valecek 😀

Thanks again everyone for putting yourselves out there and taking part! It's a really fun way to flex your illustration muscles. Until next time!