Critique Arena: “Everyone was shocked to see her show up to school with ___.”

Art by Will Terry.

Art by Will Terry.

Who will be the Teacher’s Pet in this month’s art contest??

Find out this Wednesday, October 9! We’ll be doing a live event to announce the top picks in our September art contest, and critique their work. Here’s all the entries!

Join us, it’ll be fun! Plus you get to see how a pro illustrator would approach an illustration.

Also, just because we like to keep you guys on your toes, we are gonna try a new format this time!

Since the judging takes place during a live event that we are calling Critique Arena, we are gonna do the competition elimination-style!

We’ll start with the top 16 competitors, and do successive rounds of judging where the audience will decide who moves on, until we end up with the final four. Then our judges will pick the top 2 victors!

So, you guys get to be part of the judging! We are trying it out as an experiment this time, so just know that anything can happen😂

This event is for members only, be sure to check your email for the event link! They should be going out by Monday, October 7.


  • We start with the top 16, and do a round of elimination, with 8 brackets of 2 competitors each.

  • In each match, the 2 competitors go head to head. The judges critique both competitors, and the audience decides who goes on to the next round. Only the top 8 will advance.

  • With our top 8, we do another round of elimination, with 4 brackets of 2 competitors each. The audience votes on who goes to the next round. This time, only the top 4 will advance.

  • Then judges pick the top 2 champions. And the crowd goes wild!😂


The Details

What: Live critiques with the founders of SVSLearn

Date: Wednesday, October 9

Time: 2pm MDT (check here for times outside the US)

Who: Members only

Where: check your email for the event link