New! Bonus inking lesson with Levitzo

Art by  @Levitzo .

Art by @Levitzo.

We want to help you crush your Inktober, so we are bringing you even more inking goodness!

We just added a new bonus inking lesson from Levi Prewitt, AKA Levitzo! Awww yeah!

If you aren’t familiar with his work, go check out his Instagram! He does all kinds of fun stuff, mostly in ink. He is the creator of the comic Repo Creepo and the illustrator behind the Kill The Unicorns card game. For Inktober, he is doing 31 butt guys in 31 days 😂

In his bonus lesson, Levi shares his tips and techniques for getting those clean, bold lines. He also goes over the different kinds of pens he uses. So cool to see how different artists do their thing!

It’s part of Jake’s new class, Inking Practice. It’s in our video subscription 🎬